Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Making Pom Pom Animals

I made this monkey for my cousin David. I made pom-poms from yarn.
It's fun to make them but not to get them at the store. The kit is from American Girl.

I also made a bunny for Aunt Denise and a duck for me. I am going to make a penguin for my Mom and maybe a bat for my Dad if he wants one.

I love my pom-pom making kit, and making pom-pom animals from them.


Permission to Mother said...

I love my pom-pom monkey and bunny. They are sitting near my computer so I can see them a lot.

Red said...

I see crafty-ness runs in the family. Are you taking orders? Just kidding!!!

Orlando Realtor said...

Can you make a pom pom Bichon?

Permission to Mother said...

A pom-pom bichon would be so cute.

pamelaj333 said...

Auntie Pam would love a pom-pom giraff if you are taking orders. Although a purple monkey could be fun too! I'm glad to hear you are having great fun with the crafting, and your arm isn't keeping you down... Love you honey!