Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Birthday Party!!!

My birthday party was at CMOST (Children's Museum of Science and Technology). We got to watch a planetarium show called Molecularium. Then we learned all about dinosaurs and fossils. I got to pet this Bearded Dragon. (above) Its very gentle.
This is me blowing out my candle.And there's one of my friends. We also got to have lunch there, it was mac and cheese and it tasted really good.

This is me opening up my presents. I got three webkins, I really liked this one its a cherry blossom bird. I also got a pink pony, and a black and white cat. I got a fairy statue from the Parks that is really special to me because it is from my friends.

This is all my friends that came to my birthday party. We learned a lot and had lots of fun.